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$40,000 Video Game

March 1st, 2010

Rare Nintendo Game Nets $40,000 At Auction

Ever hear video games were a waste of time and money?  Or that it teaches bad habits?  Well, for a “Dave”, his procrastination turned into a $40,000 windfall.  According to a Yahoo article, the Kansas native read an article on how a rare Nintendo game called Stadium Events had sold at auction for $13,000.  He checked his basement, where he had stored 185 Nintendo games for the last 20+ years, and to his astonishment, he had a copy.

Rare = Valuable

What made Stadium Events, a track & field game, so rare?  To play the game you had to have a floor pad controller.  Nintendo bought the rights to the floor pad, and recalled all known issues of Stadium Events.  It is estimated that a mere 200 cartridges remain that were not recalled, one of which Dave from Kansas had in his basement!

Better Condition = Higher Value

Dave purchased his copy of Stadium Events for $29.99, but never opened up the game because they didn’t have the floor pad controller.  His delay in returning the game may have temporarily cost him $30, but netted him $40,000 in a recent eBay auction.  He received over three times the value of the previous auction for the same game because his was never opened – the shrink wrap had not even been removed!  Who says procrastination doesn’t pay?!?

Take a look at this video to see what top-of-the-line gaming USED to look like!

Collectibles and Video Games

As a kid, I would collect baseball and basketball cards.  Now I don’t have much of a collection of anything, although I am a sucker for any SPURS memorabilia!

I loved all sports video games.  I remember playing Bases Loaded on my friend David’s Nintendo, and Joe Montana Football on my Sega Genesis.  Good times!

What about you?  What do you collect and why?  Do you have a favorite video game from the past?

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