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Streamline Your Technology For Savings

September 26th, 2011
The technological singularity is a foreseen event that is likely to occur sometime in the mid-21st century. It’s when technology is set to become more sophisticated and intelligent than humans themselves. Sounds scary, but in practical terms what it really means is that everything we know of today as individual technology will all come together under one umbrella. We already see this happening today in the form of the television and the computer combining as one and mobile phones replacing Mp3 players, portable game players, and soon the laptop. Those looking to save money need to start thinking about how they can take advantage of the condensation of consumer technology today, since it’s undoubtedly an element of the future.

Right now, countless families are splintering their monthly budget by paying out to several technological investments. The computer needs an Internet connection, the television needs a cable connection, and smartphone needs to connect to a satellite. Then there’s the space and access issues inherent with each technology that cost more. Memory upgrades, DVR, 4G access all separately take their toll on a monthly budget. But most of this can be reduced down to fewer payouts and lead to a cheaper lifestyle.

For instance, Google TV is like having a computer and television combined into one device. Cloud storage can be accessed from the television, therefore giving you a way to store unlimited amounts of entertainment data while not spending money on thumb drives to move the content around. The built-in TV-show finding services can even make cable television itself obsolete. This is especially the case with the emergence of Hulu and the continued success of Netflix (which is built right into Google TV by the way).

The prepaid phone to a home network can act as a mini-computer without the added cost of unlimited data. Anywhere that has public Wi-Fi can again allow such a device to turn into just as worthy and reliable of a port of web entry as a phone attained through a contract. The difference is that it can cost much less.

One day it will be commonplace for everyone to have a device the size of a thin smartphone that can be used as such, but can also project an HD screen onto a wall, access every bit of data that person ever needs, and contain information that ties it directly to that person’s identity and no one else. That day will come before you know it. Starting now can save you some serious cash. So why not? Who knows where you can put those savings? Maybe you can invest it in the singularity.

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