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#032 — Links O’ The (Mid-)Week

March 24th, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I have so many selections to my recommended reading list, I’m supplementing my traditional Saturday postings of “Links O’ The Week.  Without further adieu…

197th Carnival of Personal Finance — Editor’s Pick!

My article that asks Should I Buy Pet Insurance? was an Editor’s Pick in the 197th Carnival of Personal Finance!  Thanks to Four Pillars for hosting and selecting my post as a top pick!

I’d like to thank God, my agent, my wife, and of course Odie, who without him this Editor’s Pick would not have been possible… **cue music / cuts off acceptance speech**

Okay seriously, not THAT big of a deal but glad someone enjoyed the post!

Links O’ The (Mid-)Week

Here’s a few articles I found interesting:

My Journey To Millions gave us the Top 10 Reasons You Need To Get A Will ASAP.

Frugal Dad posted on Personal Financial Software.  Read the comments for great suggestions too!

Lose your job recently?  Fiscal Fizzle gives you timely advice with a Layoff Checklist.  I believe he’s newer to the blog scene just like I am, but he’s got some great content.  Take time to check out his site!

Here’s a recommended triple-play of posts written by Gather Little By Little:

My Two Dollars says Look At Me And My Designer Clothes!

Don’t Mess With Taxes gives us 13 Often Overlooked Tax Breaks.


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#030 — Links O’ The Week

March 21st, 2009

Carnival of Personal Finance

Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know that a recent post of mine, Beyond the Resume:  How Your Digital Impring Affects Employment, was featured in the 196th Carnival of Personal Finance:  Music Edition.  There are many wonderful articles included, so take a look.

Thanks to Green Panda Treehouse for the inclusion!

Links O’ The Week

I’ve been trying to catch up on my blog reading.  To avoid falling too far behind and posting a ton of suggested reading all at once, here’s a few that caught my eye.  I’ll pass along a few more mid-week and during our normal “Links O’ The Week” segment:


Green Panda Treehouse talks Ways to Save on Pet Care.

On AIG Executive Bonuses

Suburban Dollar gives his reasons Why He Thinks AIG Should Get to Keep Their Bonuses.  Very gutsy article!

Conversely, The Coin Jar gives take on Scaring Wall Street Straight.  My question is, who is going to scare Obama & Congress straight?  I think they need to add more personal finance blogs to their Google readers!

Bailouts & Financial Crisis

Four Pillars gives us The Curse of Pretend Money, a guest post by Rob Bennett of A Rich Life, explaining how financial crises happen.

Art of the Coupon talks Personal Bankruptcies and the Recession.  Good call to think outside the box on how to stimulate the economy.  While you’re contemplating, check out the two-part MyMoneyMinute Economic Stimulus Plan.

Spending & Frugality

Not the Jet Set asks What Area of Your Life is Super Sized? Excellent question!  You can be doing so well in so many areas of your budget, then blow it by super-sizing one or two areas.

Get Rich Slowly posts along similar lines, with his entry: What Do You Do When Frugality Gets You Nowhere?

Emergency Funds

No Credit Needed discusses Debt Reduction And The Emergency Fund.  Just how big of an emergency fund should you have?


The Simple Dollar has a great idea to use The Giving Pocket.  What a great idea!

Home Computer

Frugal Dad gives us Free Software To Soup Up The Home Computer.

More to come this week — have a great weekend!


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#009 — Links O’ The Week

January 31st, 2009

Links O The Week

Well another week has gone by, and there were many great articles I read out in the blogosphere.  Here’s the highlights!


189th Carnival of Personal Finance:  Super Bowl Edition 


My article proclaiming that it’s never too late for New Years Resolutions was selected as part of the 189th Carnival of Personal Finance:  Super Bowl Edition!  Thanks to Emily Starbuck Gerson and her crew at for adding my article.  Drop by and check out the Carnival!


My Top Picks This Week

Got Jobs?

PT at PrimeTime Money put together a great list with the help of his Twitter followers of 52 Ways to Make Extra Money.  There’s always a way to come up with some cash.  Nice work, PT!

Christian PF found that even though the economy is tough, many companies are still hiring.  With these and others hiring, you can help avoid the 10 ways to become or stay poor.

Once you find a job to apply for, Squawkfox gives you tips on the 6 words that make your resume suck.  I’ve gotta say, I’m guilty of a few of these!  This is a great reference tool that I’ll return to and access from time to time.

Hopefully the job you apply for is better than MoneyMateKate’s list of the weirdest jobs she’s ever done.  You have to see these!

Parents & Children

FrugalDad writes an excellent article on contributing to a Roth IRA for teenagers.  It is never too early to use the power of compound interest.

Get Rich Slowly invites us to try out the Young Money Stock Market Game.

Finally, prayers go out to Paid Twice and his family, as he lost his father this month.  Remarkably with all that’s going on with taking care of his mother and family in this unfortunate time, he’s found time to compile a list of things he’s learned losing a parent

This list is a must for every family to complete so the financial and procedural details don’t add to your stress and time of grief.


Have a great weekend!

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