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#032 — Links O’ The (Mid-)Week

March 24th, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I have so many selections to my recommended reading list, I’m supplementing my traditional Saturday postings of “Links O’ The Week.  Without further adieu…

197th Carnival of Personal Finance — Editor’s Pick!

My article that asks Should I Buy Pet Insurance? was an Editor’s Pick in the 197th Carnival of Personal Finance!  Thanks to Four Pillars for hosting and selecting my post as a top pick!

I’d like to thank God, my agent, my wife, and of course Odie, who without him this Editor’s Pick would not have been possible… **cue music / cuts off acceptance speech**

Okay seriously, not THAT big of a deal but glad someone enjoyed the post!

Links O’ The (Mid-)Week

Here’s a few articles I found interesting:

My Journey To Millions gave us the Top 10 Reasons You Need To Get A Will ASAP.

Frugal Dad posted on Personal Financial Software.  Read the comments for great suggestions too!

Lose your job recently?  Fiscal Fizzle gives you timely advice with a Layoff Checklist.  I believe he’s newer to the blog scene just like I am, but he’s got some great content.  Take time to check out his site!

Here’s a recommended triple-play of posts written by Gather Little By Little:

My Two Dollars says Look At Me And My Designer Clothes!

Don’t Mess With Taxes gives us 13 Often Overlooked Tax Breaks.


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