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#011 — Links O’ The Week

February 9th, 2009

I posted an article over the weekend, so today I’ll give you a few links to check out instead of a detailed post.  Hope your Monday is off to a solid start!


My article asking How Would You Invest the Economic Stimulus Portfolio was included in the 191st Carnival of Personal Finance.  Thanks to Brooke at Dollar Frugal for the inclusion!

Bargaineering has a great article with tips on satisfying requirements for high-interest checking accounts.

Michael James Money shares what he learned about money from poker.  Read the comments too — great discussion and insight!

Scordo debates the strategy of using a HELOC as an Emergency Fund.  Personally, I think using debt to bail you out of a financial mess is not the first option I’d pursue; but read the article and contribute to the discussion — on my page or Scordo’s!

Chain Link

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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#009 — Links O’ The Week

January 31st, 2009

Links O The Week

Well another week has gone by, and there were many great articles I read out in the blogosphere.  Here’s the highlights!


189th Carnival of Personal Finance:  Super Bowl Edition 


My article proclaiming that it’s never too late for New Years Resolutions was selected as part of the 189th Carnival of Personal Finance:  Super Bowl Edition!  Thanks to Emily Starbuck Gerson and her crew at for adding my article.  Drop by and check out the Carnival!


My Top Picks This Week

Got Jobs?

PT at PrimeTime Money put together a great list with the help of his Twitter followers of 52 Ways to Make Extra Money.  There’s always a way to come up with some cash.  Nice work, PT!

Christian PF found that even though the economy is tough, many companies are still hiring.  With these and others hiring, you can help avoid the 10 ways to become or stay poor.

Once you find a job to apply for, Squawkfox gives you tips on the 6 words that make your resume suck.  I’ve gotta say, I’m guilty of a few of these!  This is a great reference tool that I’ll return to and access from time to time.

Hopefully the job you apply for is better than MoneyMateKate’s list of the weirdest jobs she’s ever done.  You have to see these!

Parents & Children

FrugalDad writes an excellent article on contributing to a Roth IRA for teenagers.  It is never too early to use the power of compound interest.

Get Rich Slowly invites us to try out the Young Money Stock Market Game.

Finally, prayers go out to Paid Twice and his family, as he lost his father this month.  Remarkably with all that’s going on with taking care of his mother and family in this unfortunate time, he’s found time to compile a list of things he’s learned losing a parent

This list is a must for every family to complete so the financial and procedural details don’t add to your stress and time of grief.


Have a great weekend!

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#004 — Links O’ The Week

January 24th, 2009

I read a ton of blogs each week.  So many inspiring stories and wonderful ideas come from the people on the ‘Net.  Here’s a few that caught my eye:



The Wisdom Journal posted 10 Ways College Made Him Rich & 10 Ways College Made Him Poor.  This is a great read for those at or near college age.

The Degerati Life had a guest post by Studenomics on How To Work Full Time While In College.  I wish I would’ve taken some of this advice!


PT @ Prime Time Money paid off his car last week!  Now what does he do? If there’s ca$h burnin’ a hole in your pocket, PT, you can certainly send some dough to my student loan accounts ;)

Clever Dude posted an article on which model automobiles receive the most speeding tickets.

Get Rich Slowly explains to us all why he drives a 13 year old car!  I don’t think I could rock a Geo like that (I’ve got long legs, for one thing), but a fascinating personal finance story and analysis on vehicle expense.

The Big Picture

Christian Personal Finance posted on becoming richer than Rockefeller, and how our standard of living today blows away the richest man in the world’s living standards from 100 years ago.  This is an older post, but I surfed across it this week and thought it was important to share.

That’s it for today, folks.  Enjoy those links.  I’ve got a few news articles that caught my eye, but I’ll probably cover those in posts next week.

Have a great weekend!

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