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The Yakezie Challenge Carnival #8 – Tax Day Edition!

April 19th, 2010

Welcome to the Yakezie Challenge Carnival!  The Yakezie is a network of personal finance bloggers who are dedicated to improving our individual blogs through selfless promotion and information exchange between fellow members in the group.  The Challenge, at least initially, is to raise our Alexa rankings.  When my site, MyMoneyMinute.com, first began the challenge, my blog was ranked well into the 3 millions; now, as of today, I am ranked #264,844 — and I owe it all to this great network of bloggers!


This Week’s Yakezie Highlights

Here’s some select posts from our Yakezie members:

Free From Broke gives us Different Bank Cards And Their Uses.

Not Made of Money shows us How To Save Money When Buying Plane Tickets.

Eliminate the Muda tells us about Health Care For Kids When You Can’t Afford It!

Jason from One Money Design submitted a video in a contest on how to Save Money Commuting To Work.

Jeff from Deliver Away Debt hosted a carnival of his own — 111th Money Hackers Carnival: Don’t Hassel-the-Hoff Edition!

The Millionaire Nurse gives you 8 Tips To Improve Your Credit Score.

The Simple Life In France asks: Do You Wish You Spoke Any Other Languages? I wish, but I only have to my credit two semesters of American Sign Language and the curse words in Spanish.  I should get moving!

College For 10k tells us How The iPad Could Save Money.

Zordane says Getting Into Debt Doesn’t Solve Another Debt.

Craig from Money Help For Christians gives us a double-dose of high-quality posts this week:  The Best Personal Finance Software for 2010 and Can Kids Open A Roth IRA?

The Yakezie, Death & Taxes!

April 15th was last week, which can mean only thing — taxes!  Here’s some great articles from the Yakezie archives that are tax-related.  Enjoy!

20s MoneyWhat Is The VAT Tax?

Beating Broke — What We’re Doing With Our Refund

Bible DebtLegalize Marijuana: The Answer To Our Budget Problems?

Buck$ome BoomerHow To Spend $1,100 On Medical Expenses…Fast!

Budgeting In The Fun StuffA Rebuttal to Washington Times article, 5 Myths About Your Taxes

Canadian Finance BlogBook Review: Make Sure It’s Deductible

Car Negotiation CoachDone With Taxes? Stop And Check Your Auto Finance Health

Christian Common CentsWhat Is Tithing? (Okay, this is more of a God-tax, but I liked it.  If only Uncle Sam’s taxes were voluntary like God’s…)

ClarifinancialInsurance Crucial In Irrevocable Trust

Conquering PFPF Defined

Consumer BoomerHow To Check The Status Of Your Federal And State Income Tax Return

Cool To Be FrugalShould I Put My Emergency Fund Into A Roth IRA?

Couple MoneyOur Tax Return Plans

Credit Card ChaserAre You Sure You Want To Pay Your Taxes With A Credit Card?

Darwin’s FinanceMy Effective Tax Rate Is Under 5% – That’s Just Wrong

Downturn LivingFifty Four Billion, Awww That’s Nuthin’!

Early Retirement ExtremeMarginal Earnings, When Working Is No Longer Worth It

Ending The Rat RaceBeing Ready For Tax Season (Canadian blog)

Engineer Your FinancesFinancial Lessons From Running

Eventual Millionaire — Highlights the Carnival of Personal Finance: Famous People With Tax Troubles

Evolution of Wealth — Gives you his Finale post in a series titled Tax Savings.

Financial SamuraiTax Refunds Are Good For Most People, Because Most People Can’t Save

Fiscal FizzleWhy Tax Refunds Are Bad

Foreigners FinanceReader Question: Roth & U.S. Taxes While Working Abroad

Frugal ZeitgeistCheapest Places To Live: Texas

Girl With The Red BalloonState Politics And Student Loan Repayment

InexpensivelyThe Library – A Fantastic Tool For The Budget Minded

Learn Save Invest Teach Your Kids About Money With The Family Tax

Little House In The ValleyChoosing A Neighborhood Based On Schools

MonevatorDo You Realise You’re Paying More Income Tax? (U.K.)

Money BeagleTaxes Are Done

Money Crushhttp://www.moneycrush.com/a-comedy-of-tax-related-issues/

Money FunkTaxes 101: 3 Ways To Reduce Your Taxes

Money ReasonsThe Catch With Winning A Free House

My Financial Objectives — 4 Part Series on Tax Savings

My Journey To MillionsWhy Doesn’t Anyone Feel Remorse When It Comes To High Earners And Income Taxes?

Narrow BridgeWould a 20% Tax Make You Give Up Candy And Soft Drinks?

Out Of Debt AgainI’m Surprised More People Don’t Cheat With Tax Problems

Peak Personal FinanceCan’t Pay Your Taxes? Get An Installment Loan From The IRS

Personal Finance By The BookThe Fair Tax: Is It Too Good To Be True?

Personal Finance FirewallThe World’s Worst Credit Card Spenders

Personal Finance JourneyShould I Tithe Off My Income Tax Return?

Personal Finance NinjaWhy You Don’t Need To Rush Out And Take Advantage Of The Expiring Housing Credit

Planting DollarsHow Much Will My Paycheck Be After Taxes?

Punch Debt In The FaceTaxes Are Funny!

Rainy Day SaverFinally: Our Tax Refund Has Arrived

Redeeming RichesWhat You Need To Know About Roth IRA Conversions

Saving Money Today7 Smart Things To Do With Your Tax Return

Single Guy MoneyTaxes Filed – Results Not As Bad As I Thought

Single Mom, Rich MomIf You’re Getting A Tax Refund, You’re Doing Something Wrong And The Government Is Playing With Your Mind

Stay At Home Mom CFOGetting a BIG Tax Refund Was Keeping Us In Debt

Sweating The Big StuffFunniest Tax Return Ever? (LOL!)

The Amateur Financier10 Ways To Celebrate Tax Day!

The Centsible LifeYou Win Some, You Lose Some

The Saved QuarterWhy It Doesn’t Pay For Me To Go To Work

The Debt HawkOpening A SEP To Lower My Taxes

Ultimate Money BlogI Still Haven’t Finished My Taxes

Wealth Pilgrim9 Overlooked Tax Tips For Self-Employed Fools Like Me

Well-Heeled BlogI Like Getting A Tax Refund

Young And ThriftyTiger Woods: Here Are 16 Last Minute Tax Tips For Year End (hey! same number as your mistress count!) [Canadian blog]

No Refund Needed

Read articles from my fellow Yakezie members – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!  Thanks for stopping by this week.  For an entire world of selfless personal finance bloggers, continue to follow my fellow Yakezie members.  Last week’s Yakezie Challenge Carnival was hosted by Don at Money Reasons, while next week’s carnival will be hosted by Austin from Foreigner’s Finances.

Stay tuned this week for some observations on personal finance from my recent trip to Washington, D.C.!

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