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There’s An App For That: 35 Ways To Slash Your Household Budget!

January 25th, 2010

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series titled, “There’s An App For That”, which has given numerous ways to help find wiggle-room in your monthly budget.  In case you missed some (or all) of the series, you can read them with the links below.

Also, I checked with the Twitterverse to see what tips regular folks like us use to free up some extra money each month. I included those at the end of this post.

All together, there are over 35 real-life, tangible “Apps” to cut your monthly household budget.  Enjoy!

There’s An App For That: The Series

  1. There’s An App For That: Series Opener
  2. The Grocery Game: Review
  3. The Grocery Game: Personal Account
  4. 2 Ways To Slash Your Dining Budget
  5. ‘Universally’ Slash Your Health Care Costs
  6. Low-Cost Life Insurance
  7. 3 Easy Steps To Slash Your Home & Car Insurance Premiums
  8. Credit Card Interest Rates
  9. How I Cut $25/Month Off My TV & Internet Bill


Twitter Tips

Here’s what my Twitter friends had to say about how they save money:

@OneMoneyDesign “Play the Grocery Game and get strategic about entertainment so that it’s not impulsive.”

@PFJourney “I cut my cable 7 months ago!”

@MattJabs “Only reason I have cable is because Comcast gives it to me free in 6 months blocks after threatening to cancel :-)

@FrugalPhx “No ppr towels or napkins, reusable coffee fltr and recycle (less trash bags) ~$48/mo saved”

@BSimple “What are some ways you have trimmed your monthly household budget?  Here are mine.”  http://bit.ly/bzqlgU

@BradleyCoaching “Using cash ONLY for food saved me tons!  You start seeing how much chips and a drink cost!”

@TheyCallMeCheap “Cancel most subscriptions including cable, learn to cook, coupon, shop Freecycle, end recreational shopping, pay off debt, borrow books (paper & audio) from the library, switch to boxed wine, ALWAYS look for a coupon code.”

@RevancheGS “Trimmed budget by changing auto ins, phone & internet carriers, changing cell phone plans.”

@MomentumPFC “We have cut our budget by cooking real meals, driving one car, eating out less, using the library, canceling the home phone.”

You can follow any of these great people on Twitter by clicking their links above, and you can follow me, @MyMoneyMinute too!

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