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There’s An App For That: 3 Easy Steps To Slash Your Home & Car Insurance Premiums

January 25th, 2010

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The weekend is here, so I’ll spare you a long post with detailed instructions to reduce the cost of your home and car insurance premiums.  Here’s the basics needed:

1. Review your current policy

Take a look at your current policy for the basic coverage limits, deductibles, and the policy cost on a monthly or yearly basis.

2. Identify a few other insurance companies

Find two or three companies that you would feel comfortable with purchasing insurance from — if you don’t want bottom of the barrel, pay by the month, no service insurance company, then disregard them in your search.

3. Contact them and get a quote

I could write half a dozen paragraphs on why you should get other quotes, but the bottom line is, take the 10 minutes and contact one or two other companies.  See if they can beat your current rates at the same coverage level.  It may save you hundreds of dollars each year!

Personal Application

Currently, we have auto insurance through Esurance.com.  I think the coverage is great with pretty low premiums, but I will contact a few other comparable companies, like GEICO and Progressive, to see how they compare.  I’ll report back with my results.

Your Turn

I challenge you to take a few minutes and get a quote!  Insurance companies count on your complacency, but it may be costing you big money.  Tell me what insurance company you have and whether your got a better deal with someone else.

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