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There’s An App For That: How I Cut $25/Month Off My TV & Internet Bill

January 25th, 2010

$46/month for DSL?!?

When I looked at my phone bill I couldn’t believe it. We gave up the cooler, faster Internet a while back because we were on a budget kick, but now AT&T’s basic phone/DSL package was running at nearly the same levels.

E.T. Don’t Phone Home

Just call my cell instead. We technically have a home phone number, but never even physically hooked up a phone since we switched! We are truly a mobile-only family.

App: DSL Without Phone
DSL no longer needs an actual phone line activated to connect you to the Internet. So why not drop the phone? I chatted online with a service rep, who directed me to a tech line to call. After confirming my identity and an attempted up-sell, AT&T removed the basic phone charges, which amounts roughly to $15/month.

Dish Network Customers Save $10/month

In case you missed it, I wrote an article a few months ago on how I saved $10/month on my bill.  Basically, Dish changed their HD package options, rendering one option included in another. So all you have to do is go online and “fix the glitch”.  Check out the link in the previous sentence for instructions.

What About You?

Have you tried these, or other tips to save on your monthly phone, TV, and Internet charges? Let us know below!

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