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March 7th, 2010

Here’s a little Sunday reading for you from some fellow bloggers:


The Yakezie Challenge

The Yakezie Challenge is a group of personal finance bloggers who are working together to promote and improve their blogs through mutual promotion.  When we promote good content, we all win!

Each week, a “carnival” will be hosted by a Yakezie member.  The carnival links you to a selected article from each Yakezie member.  This week’s carnival was hosted by Jeff from Deliver Away Debt.  Jeff’s hardcore about paying off his bills, and has taken a weekend pizza delivery job to speed up the process, pulling down about $1,500/month doing so!

Here’s this week’s Yakezie Carnival hosted by Deliver Away Debt.

Outside of the Yakezie Challenge, here’s a few articles that caught my eye:

PT over at ptMONEY reveals how you can compare 401(k) performances with BrightScope.

‘Kita at Personal Finance Journey gives us the 5 Lessons from her encounter with a financial advisor.

Punch Debt In The Face wonders if he should keep his money in savings, or pay off a debt?

Jim at Bargaineering has a not-so-whacky idea to lower taxes on interest earned from savings — maybe then we’d save more?

Don from Money Reasons gave his thoughts on allowances for kids.  I disagreed to a point on his philosophy, but show his link some love — go read the article and tell him what YOU think!

MyMoneyMinute on the Web

My Happy Hour post, Wine On A Budget: Oak Creek, was featured in a weekly round-up by Paul over at Fiscal Geek.


Have a great weekend!



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