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#014 — Links O’ The Week

February 14th, 2009

Well I finally caught up with all my blog reading since being gone on vacation!  That means I have a pretty hefty Links O’ The Week this time around.  Without further adieu, here is our Valentine’s Day edition of Links O’ The Week!


When you have a significant other, you are always learning about them, and about how relationships work.  So it is with personal finance.  We must constantly be learning to grow.

No Credit Needed challenges us to Dedicate 7 Hours for Healthier Finances.  This is a 7-post series, so I linked to the final one.  Review it and let me (and NCN) know what you think.

Money Grubbing Lawyer helps you to Plan for your Digital Death.

Christian Personal Finance gives us 10 Tips for Surviving a Layoff.

The Wisdom Journal came up using the TRACK Method to Achieve Your Goals.  Take a look!


Michael James on Money posts on Teenage Jobs that Pay Well.  I put this here because it reminds me of some of the things I did for money when I was a teen!  Seriously though, lots of good ideas in this post.


When life happens, we need a team of experts to help.  Scordo is right on the ball when he recommends 6 people you should build relationships with.  I added one in the comment section — Spiritual Counsel.

Ashley & her husband from Wide Open Wallet started a business.  Congratulations on taking the plunge into self-employment!

My Journey To Millions noticed a higher percentage of audits on estate tax filings in his post on Audit Worries.

So You Think You Can Write? The Wisdom Journal found some links to help you get paid for writing.

Money Grubbing Lawyer asks the tough question:  Would you rather talk about Money or Sex?

Frugal Dad challenges us to Start A Sunny Day Fund.

Frugal Dad goes back-to-back here, with a post asking Is Frugality The Anti-Stimulus Plan?

Being Frugal gives A Full Cup ReviewA Full Cup is a website about learning and locating coupons.

Mrs. Micah evaluates Online Money Management Tools, including Mint & Geezeo.

No Debt Plan talks Can Not, Will Not, and Why Not? What are your excuses for not getting out of debt and in control of your finances?


Stuff Christians Like asks, “Are you offering things that don’t cost anything?” in his post on Giving people the easy stuff.

Christian Personal Finance reminds us that God’s Economy is strong.

As teammates in a relationship, one may do most of the money management.  Mrs. Micah provides advice on How Much Should We Ask Our Spouse To Do?

Happy Valentine’s Day and have a great weekend!

photo by Jan Tik

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